Damber Singh College distinguishes itself from the other higher educational institutions as there is interconnectedness and interactivity of the college with the society and the constituencies it serves. In order to achieve a position of educational leadership the college:

  • Fosters an atmosphere of intellectual excitement among faculty, staff, students and the greater community.
  • Challenge students including under graduates to pursue the discovery of new knowledge.
  • Values the contribution of research and scholarship to the instructional process.
  • Believes there is a linkage between the excitement in the classroom and the excitement of “Eureka”.
  • Recognize that academic inquiry fuels creative scholar, which in turn fuels the intellectual atmosphere of the classroom and the learning process.
  • Values the ability to educate the whole person, as the undergraduate students have the opportunity to interact with the community and make them “Leaders of Tomorrow”.
  • The students discover the value of responsibility, self-discipline, community service and understanding of each other and in doing so they are exposed to different cultures, social diversity and new ways to see the world around them.
  • Values heuristic education which demands that students ‘learn by doing’ in the classroom, service or other jobs.



The College strives to fulfill its mission ‘Discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.’ Philosophy of ‘Learn to Live’ is manifested in the various activities undertaken to help students explore knowledge to lead a meaningful and productive life. The College provides a rich and stimulating environment with focus on:-

  • Teaching and learning where knowledge is applied to expand personal growth and opportunity and in turn improve the quality of life.
  • Outreach and engagement where the college creates and works for advancing social and community development and foster economic competitiveness for the greater community.
  • Discovery of knowledge and its recognition towards its use for the benefit of the society.
  • Special emphasis on professional development through different disciplines.
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